Friday, November 23, 2012

getting rid of the albatross

An interesting day at iStrategy in Melbourne yesterday, culminating in an end of day panel that I sat on with Andrew Smith, the head of brand marketing from Bupa Australia and Murray Howe, the head of digital strategy and innovation at Suncorp.

We discussed behaviour change, the real cost of social media marketing and the inevitability of social business, amongst other things.

Also, and nearly two years down the line, the famous NAB campaign is still something people want to discuss, however I'm now drawing a line in the sand and it's time to move on.

If you catch me speaking about it again then please come and give me a slap.

'I know you very well, you are unbearable,
I've seen you up far too close
Getting rid of the albatross...'

Thanks to the iStrategy team and in particular MC Adam Burns, I'm def stealing a couple of his gags for future use - and see you next year for my keynote after the book comes out.

Photo credit: Nicole McInnes

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