Monday, July 04, 2011

window display of the week

I was tempted to title this post Society of The Spectacle but I'll save that for another time.
Here's the window display from EyeGallery on Toorak Road.

There's two main reasons why this is great.
1. The Optitians convention is to talk about two-for-one frames, free sight tests or designers - features, service or price etc.
Instead EyeGallery talk about the other things, the things a customer actually cares about.

- Sunglasses are for looking cool
- Regular specs are for looking smart.

2. You know exactly what EyeGallery are about AS A BRAND by the display.
- They poke fun at Margaret Thatcher and George W Bush, whereas they think Marylin Monroe, Twiggy, Bob Marley and Jim Morrison (out of shot, sorry) are cool.
- The Warhol-esque imagery style also adds to the cool factor.
- And Uncle Bert is obviously cool and smart.


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