Friday, April 15, 2011

eat the blame #reframing

The story goes that some stuff happened one day which delayed the preparation of a dinner being hosted for a Soto Zen master, Fukai, and his followers.

Ina hurry the chef went to out to the vegetable garden with his knife and quickly cut some green vegetables, chopped them together and made some soup.

What he failed to notice was that he had accidentally chopped a part of a snake into the vegetables and ergo into the soup.

Anyway, the guests ate up the soup, and enjoyed it.

But when Fukai, the master found the snake's head in his bowl, he summoned the chef.

'What the **** is this?' he demanded, holding up the head of the snake.

'Oh, thank you, master,' replied the cook, taking the snakes head and eating it quickly.

Another perspective on eating one's own dogfood.

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