Tuesday, February 01, 2011

the sum total of all interactions part 325 #metlink

In another case of syncronicity, I firstly read this short sharp post from Doddsy on Making Things Better...

'Making good stuff from scratch is really difficult.
Removing bad stuff is relatively simple.
The former is to be encouraged, the latter is compulsory.

Then shortly after, in an unrelated incident, the Metro breaks down in Melbourne leaving families with young kids stranded on Moorabin Station in 40 degrees with no staff on hand, no info, no replacement transport or taxis for more than an hour and no human beings to answer the phone on their 'service' line.

And here's what you get when you submit a customer service enquiry to their website.

'You will recieve a response within 7 business days, as each case IS CATEGORISED AND PRIORITISED'

Then this, 7 has turned into 10.


They can, however, produce a fancy-dan iphone app.

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