Tuesday, February 15, 2011

picking a fight: the NAB breakup

Know which side of the bed you are lying on.
Decide what you are FOR and AGAINST.
Stand for something your customers care about.
Find out who's IN and who's OUT.
Have a philosophy first, strategy second.
Have a mission not a proposition
Use each piece of media to do what it does best.
Make media slippy not sticky.
Be informal, entertaining but still serious.
Create situations.
Pick a fight with someone.

NAB have done all of the above as they call out the other Aussie Banks
with a multi-platform, cross media onslaught.

While not a social media campaign per se - in fact in terms of media executions it could be described as traditional - it's disruptive, provocative nature was designed to be a highly social experience.

Especially on Twitter, where we were number 1 and 2 trending topics simultaneously, for @nab and #breakup.

If somethings interesting it will get talked about. End of story.

Sample tweet..
@nab its childish, its immature, and I LOVE IT. this is why i bank with NAB #breakup

Like channeling Malcolm almost...

And my favourite bit of commentary so far, from Laurel Papworth:

'The challenge is, I don’t think even NAB understand how deep this campaign will go [me - yes, they do], it could change the face of marketing for some time to come. Viral ads, leaked tweets, developing story lines, we’ve seen before. But siding with the customer against their own industry was the smartest move they made. Let’s see what they do with it.'

See the rest of the stuff - piano players, helicopters, chalk drawings, spoof videos, public break-ups etc at the breakup.

For fact fans, Mumbrella did a decent roundup of the nuts and bolts.

Photo credits Nick Johnson and Aki Kimono via Monty Hamilton.

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