Thursday, August 26, 2010

appointment to tweet

'Appointment to view' was a term used back in the day - before the introduction of devices like the pvr caused major disruption - to describe the experience of tv viewers who tuned in to programmmes broadcast at scheduled times.

Major spectacle-based advertising like the Super Bowl spots in the US and more recently stuff like Cadbury's Gorilla in the UK - which 'premiered' in the break of the Big Brother finale a couple of years back - also played to that notion.

With that in mind i'd like to suggest a new term into the marketers lexicon, with a nod to how the real-time back-channel commentary afforded by twitter (and the #hashtag) has emerged as an unlikely saviour of the live tv spectacle, as exemplified by recent transmediafication of political elections around the globe, things like the X-Factor and the unfathomable popularity of Masterchef, here in Australia.

- Enhancing the ‘scheduled’ viewing experience making it more entertaining to watch ‘live’
- Making it interactive and social on a many-to-many basis
- Connecting fans with other fans

Appointment to view shall henceforth be known as 'Appointment to Tweet'.

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