Wednesday, April 07, 2010

dr marten's a.p.o.c.a.l.y.p.s.e (not really)

Bootmaker of choice, Dr. Martens celebrate their 50th anniversary by referencing its roots in British youth subculture - principly those with a musical soundtrack - via a mostly online campaign '50 years of Dr Martens'.

Contemporary popsters cover classic tunes from each of the five decades of Doc’s history, the tracks and videos available to download at

Among the bands/songs featured are The Noisettes doing Buzzcocks (no 'the', please) 'Ever Fallen in Love' and this spooky take on Sham's 'If The Kids are United' by psyche-soul combo The Duke Spirit.

Tom Philips, creative director at Exposure New York who developed the campaign says...

“It’s a brand that people have tended to adopt from different subcultures throughout its history. What we’re seeing today is a whole new generation of kids picking up on the brand and giving their own slant on what it means and how it can be worn.”

So much for that, but, in all honesty, the big questions are;

Where are Kasabian doing original bootboys Slade?
Or howabout Miko doing Elton's Pinball Wizard out of Tommy?
There's also a conspicuous lack of any nod to the two-tone movement (the most Doc clad of any of the subcultures. Brogues and smoothes too, remember?).
And I dunno who, but someone should really have done the Slaughter & the Dogs anthem 'Where have all the Bootboys Gone?'

A potentially very cool idea that falls a bit short by playing it too safe. 6/10

thanks to psfk.

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