Friday, April 16, 2010

boring is sexy?

In an age where we distrust financial institutions more than ever before, this bit of branding by Montana Credit Union has a refreshing honesty about it.

The intro copy on the boring is sexy website reads:

“When it comes to your money, too much excitement is the last thing you need, Montana 1st Credit Union has been prudently boring the socks off Missoula for more than 78 years.

Just ask your Grandpa. Since 1931, we’ve been quietly doing what’s right for our members without any high-roller excitement. No corporate jets, no million-dollar salaries. Jus
t great rates and outstanding member service, year after year after boring year.”

In ultra boring Courier too (for typography geeks).

Check out, some of their products:
- Plain Vanilla Auto Loans
- Mild-Mannered Mortgages
- Dull Home Equity Loans
- Safe & Stodgy Savings

Even the billboards mention nothing about the product, just the url.

They give away 'sensible' free ice-cream in the branches and even the strapline is disruptive: 'Boring since 1931.'

Informality, entertaining, innovative.
Top marks.

Take note Gordon Brown. You can still win this thing, mate.

Many thanks to thefinancialbrand blog.

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