Monday, August 10, 2009

unintentional branding

The Washington Post reports that even the notorious Nigerian email fraud scammers are feeling the pinch in the credit crunch.

One of said scammers, Banjo (24) speaking about Americans is quoted "They don't have money. And the money they don't have, we want."

Had to chuckle at this.

'Nigerian officials dispute their country's prominence in online fraud, noting that scam networks rely on agents around the globe. But 419 [named for a section of the Nigerian criminal code] is cemented in Nigerian popular culture. The scammers, known as "yahoo-yahoo boys," are glorified in pop songs such as "Yahoozee," which gained even more fame after former secretary of state Colin L. Powell danced to it at a London festival last year.'

Or will they be 'bing-bing boys' now?...

Brands spend squillions of pounds/dollars on advertising and 'brand building' but more than ever brands are appropriated by forces outside of their control.

HT to slashdot and Hugo Guzman

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