Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Touchscreen Turntables

It was inevitable that touchscreen technology would eventually extend its searching tendrils into that most tactile of activities.

Rocking 'da' house on the wheels of steel.

As a club dj of some repute/infamy - back in the day - this was of particular interest.
My description above of said disc jockey-ness will indicate how far back in the day that was...

This digital touchscreen deck was premiered as part of the Picasso & His Collection exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) of Brisbane, Australia.

'...the brilliance of the turntables lies in the linking of a platter taken from a Numark HDX deck with an intuitive touchscreen. As the platter spins, the user is able to manipulate a range of adjustable filters onscreen to build, rearrange and reinvent the MP3 songs on the drive. While relatively easy to pick up and play, the turntables also possess a steady learning curve, letting the more committed and ambitious users create works of intimidating aural dexterity.'

Hat-tip to Becky in the office who found it at coolhunter.

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