Tuesday, April 28, 2009

conversation on a train...

I'm sat on the train looking through the bits of twitter I've missed during the night from the West coast USA lot and my Oz posse (and the early morning UK) on my BlackBerry. Bloke sat next to me see's what I'm doing and starts up a conversation...

Bloke: 'Is that Twitter?'
Me: 'Yeah, I'm just catching up with what's been going on while I was offline'
Bloke: 'Who have you got?'
Me: 'Eh?'
Bloke: 'Who are you following?'
Me: 'Oh, ok. A bunch of people I know plus some geeks, and advertising/marketing types, that kind of thing'
Bloke: 'Yeah but which celebrities? Stephen Fry, Jonathan Ross?'
Me: 'Erm....none. Hang on....Scoble?'
Bloke 'Who?'

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