Thursday, July 20, 2006

Rock'n'Roll part 3 - Saigon

Here's another of my greatest non-hits, 'Saigon'. This is my favourite of all the stuff I did for Bellboy.
Recorded at the beginning of 97 this was a deliberate move away from the four to the floor techno stompers that had become my trademark. The guitar came out of mothballs and this one features real bass guitar too. This track was scheduled as a single but potential problems with the Apocalypse Now samples (and the label having a bit of difficulty getting their heads around a radical change of direction) meant it was tucked away on the 2nd Bellboy cd compilation State of Play 2, as a bonus unreleased track. About 6 months after this came out Death in Vegas came out with The Contico Sessions, this wouldn't have been out of place on there so I knew I was on the right track even if the label didn't.
This track also featured in the 1998 Paul Spurrier film Underground grim tale of urban decay starring Ian Dury!
Heres the tune