Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Dance like a monkey...

I must admit to approaching the first Dolls album in 30 odd years with some caution..
Need not have worried, seriously, it ROCKS! Basically, starting where Too Much too Soon left off
its as though its 1974 again. David J's voice sounds like a few fags have been smoked inbetween mind you and in all fairness we could do without Micheal Stipe's cameo, but you can't have it all.
I read a thing where Noel Gallagher out of Oasis said, in response to critisism that Oasis had become a bit formulaic and didn't experiment etc like, say, Radiohead, 'Let the others do the experimenting, we'll blow the roof off everywhere we play'.
Thats the spirit of rock'n'roll for you and theres plenty of it here.
Between this and Primal Scream it's a rockin' summer....