Thursday, June 01, 2006

History of Rock'n'Roll part 1

Found this pic from around 83. We were called GillianSilver, named after a girl i was at school with who I thought had a cool name. This shot was taken at a cellar bar in Aberdeen where we played a few times. This line-up was the original 3 piece, me on guitar, Steve on vocals and Gregor on percussion. We were into Orange Juice and the so-called 'sound of young scotland' at the time ( i had discovered major and minor 7ths so all the songs we wrote had that melancholy jazzy vibe). The band later expanded to a proper 5 piece with drums and bass. We recorded properly a 3 track ep that was going to come out in some form after we started courting Charlie Cosh, who was managing Alone Again Or (who later became the Shamen) but somehow it didn't happen. The Shamen were mates of ours and we opened up for them a few times.
Our ill fated ep was produced by Wilf Smarties and i googled him in the vain hope that the tapes still exist somewhere (this was before digital storage, kids) and i could contact him. He's now a big shot producer and co-wrote half of Kylie Minogue's last album so I don't hold much hope of tracking him down. Never mind.
In case your interested the ep would have been..
Our Hands (moody soulful string-laden wrist slitter - written by me and Steve)
Some things Never Change (uptempo Motown-ish belter, chord sequence ripped off of Frank and Nancy's Somethin Stupid - another me and Steve original)
This Guys in Love with You (the Burt B number - featuring Gregor on bugle)


Anonymous said...

Oh and I took the photo.

Lots of love to you xxx Mark and Kathryn

Anonymous said...

how are you?
email me

Anonymous said...

And I was there too!
Good day to contact you again (following yet another humiliation for the'Once were dandy Dons')

Hello from Shaun, Joyce and Alice and Charlie

Eaon Pritchard said...

yikes, 4 of the mclaren clan now.
email me

Anonymous said...

Quite frankly I am unwell.

Nice to see a picture of you, just a shame it's not a scratch and sniff.

There's nothing like smell to bring back the old days....