Friday, August 24, 2012

it's a long way to the top

We visited Melbourne's ACMI (Australian Centre for Moving Image) to check out an exhibit called 'Screen Worlds The Story of Film, Television & Digital Culture'.

Among the things to play with was an interactive touchscreen table thing. Scenes from Australian movies were mapped onto the ermmm.. map.

Mad Max, Hanging Rock, Walkabout etc.

One oddity however was this clip of the mighty AC/DC performing 'It's a Long Way To The Top..' on a truck going through the centre of Melbourne in 1976 with the Rats of Tobruk Pipe Band.

Apparently it's well known round these parts, but I'd never seen it.

Although the boys are globally known as Australia's finest rock'n'roll export I'm claiming them 100% for Scotland.

The Young brothers and Bon Scott were all born in Scotland.

And, fact fans, the singers name was in fact a pseudonym. To his parents he was plain Ronald Belford, his rock god alter ego Bon Scott is a shortened version of 'Bonnie Scotland'.

If that's not Scottish enough for you, then there's a favourite joke that the Aussies like to do which involves singing along with the lyrics of the chorus changed to 'it's a long way to the shop, when you want a sausage roll'.

A clear homage to Greggs the baker.

Happy Friday.

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