Wednesday, January 13, 2010

iron horse

Someone once said something about the test of a truly great brand coming from the answer to one question:

'Would you tattoo yourself with the logo?'
With Harley-Davidson, for many the answer is a 'yes'.

Connecting with those type of fans, the few, the diehards who have the tattoo, is important, if you want an idea to spread.

Harley-Davidson say they don't sell motorbikes.
They sell an idea.
What they sell is the idea that 43 year old accountants (or advertising douchebags) can dress in leather, ride through small towns and have people be afraid of them.

Fans will get you more fans, better than any advertising.

Harley cooked up a participation idea to connect with the fans (and connect them with each other) - The H-D Mosaic.

Fans submit photos of themselves on their bikes, over 10,000 images submitted created a giant mosaic of their logo. Each image has an individual code so you can find it within the composite iand share it with others via twitter and facebook etc

The final mosaic is also used for the cover of their 2010 printed catalogue.

Using fans to help create something not only gives them a way to participate and feel an ownership of the brand, but it also gives them a reason to spread the idea.

Because it's about THEM.

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