Wednesday, June 03, 2009


It's a sad truth that in many organisations the marketing is actually controlled by the legal department. As a result decisions are taken (or avoidance of any meaningful decisions) based on compliance with certain internal policies, with scant recognition of what's happening out in the world.

Yet despite having nothing of value to add, a lot of money is still spent saying nothing.

The inevitable upshot of this is total boredom. For customers , employees and everyone else.

I quote this nugget from Doddsy

'...the corollary [of saying nothing, if you have nothing to say] is the redeployment of some of the time and money you would have wasted by making a song and dance about nothing. A redeployment towards examining the pressing question of why your business is so uninspiring to you, let alone your potential customers, that you find yourself having nothing to say.'

The other oracle,Guy Debord says: 'Boredom is always counter-revolutionary. Always.'

Or in a meta sense, you know the scene is very hum drum.

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