Thursday, June 04, 2009

And not the words of one who kneels.

An important, yet often forgotten, point for marketers to note when building brand platforms, interactive experiences, communications strategies, tactics and whatever, is this:

99% of the time no one really gives a shit about you.

All I care about is me.

MY opinion.
MY data.
MY privacy.
MY preference.
What's in it for ME?
Why should i pay with MY attention?
When are you going to listen to ME?
You want permission to talk to ME?
I'll only spread something if it says something about ME.
If it makes ME look good, or there's a kick-back for ME.
Does this product or service enhance MY life somehow?

If I can do it MY way then I might be interested. And I don't just want lip service, you better mean it, man.

[The pic - poor Sid, God rest his soul - is the slide I am starting to use in pressos to illustrate]

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