Wednesday, August 06, 2014

when johnny comes marching home

This Guinness spot from the US caught our eye, from a scientific standpoint.

Perhaps a teeny bit schmaltzy and all-American for Aussie tastes but worth noting it does a few things well.

Well branded right from the off, the product in action using repetition.

The core narrative is, of course, super easy to get, it's 'When Johnny Comes Marching Home'.

Bar 'America The Beautiful' that's as full-on a slice of Apple Pie as one gets.

[Funnily enough the lyrics to When Johnny Comes Marching Home were written by the bandleader Patrick Gilmore, an Irish immigrant during the American Civil War.

Even more peculiarly the song was widely adopted and sung by both sides.]

One responds emotionally (I detected a slight physiological response too, you may also depending on how much of a wuss you are).

I’ve trained myself to let go in these matters and be the punters - don’t fight it, feel it - and duly recorded a nice tight peak-end rule being deftly applied.

Also worth noting that the main creative device employed is in the area of 'personal triumph'.

Johnny makes it all the way home.

If you've perused Karen Nelson-Field's findings on viral (or not) video then you will have noted that the data would suggest that this device is the one that tends to benefit from more shares than others, with the caveat of significant paid promotion to maximise initial reach applied.

Gung ho.

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