Wednesday, January 15, 2014

someone left a baby in the car park

Somewhat more slapstick than the Carrie thing from last year, which we described as something of a masterclass in the construction of situations, but this one, for horror schlock-flick Devil's Due, gains entry to the archive due to our current obsession with public interventions and the splendid application of technology to enhance what is essentially a simple activation.

Quick recap on situations for those who have not been paying attention.

According to Debord et al a constructed situation is a ‘moment of life concretely and deliberately constructed by the collective organization of a unitary ambiance and game of events.’

A situation is designed to be lived by its participants.

It’s not just ambience, it’s an integrated ensemble of behaviour.

Situations require:

1. A temporary director or orchestrator.
The orchestrator is responsible for coordinating the basic elements necessary in the construction of the situation, and for conducting certain interventions.

2. Direct agents
The direct agents living the situation, who have taken part in creating the collective project and worked on the practical composition of the ambience.

3. Passive spectators
Passive spectators who have not participated in the constructive work, BUT whom can/should be forced into action.

That's the theory, and whack in some high arousal emotional response (ie physiological) and you are building those memory structures and associations nicely.

Extreme terror is obviously a tactic that should only be employed for certain categories. But when it works it works.

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