Friday, July 16, 2010

part-time punks #4 - getting krafty

As I assimilate into Melbourn-ian culture and Australian society in general I've been paying close attention to Aussie tv.

There's one particular tv spot that has captivated me recently, though for reasons I cannot comprehend.

The spot is for Easy Mac, an instant macaroni microwave thing (as popularised by our Canadian friends as 'Kraft dinner').

A 20ft giant kid breaks into a biscuit factory, then raids an bakers van - his hunger cannot be satisfied - until heading home, shrinking to normal size and tucking into some instant macaroni.

On first look it appears to be merely some fairly predictable albeit mildly amusing gubbins, but wait. Look again...and listen.

The soundtrack to the ad is none other than 'Part-time Punks' by the Television Personalities - proto-indie agit-punksters (and firm favourites in these here Boat headquarters) from circa '77.

What does this mean?
What evil trickery is this?

I can think of 3 possible reasons.

1. This is the cleverest piece of subliminal targeting in advertising history, aimed at hypnotising 40-something ex punk rockers.

2. The creatives who conceptualised the spot were so bored that they somehow sneaked it in with some astute post-rationalising to the client in order to keep themselves interested.

3. Someone involved was at sometime the bass player in the TVP's with a co-writing credit looking to sneak some royalties.

Unless you know different?

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