Monday, June 07, 2010

wood beez (praying for customer service)

Each time I go to bed, following days spent encountering shoddy customer service, I pray like Aretha Franklin.

Ooh, your kisses (ie products and/or services),
Sweeter than honey,
And guess what?
So is my money,
All I'm asking for, is a little respect.

This week's losers being Carphone Warehouse repair centre, who after having my broken handset for close on two months have failed to call, email or even send a letter to update me on said phone's health.
I'm then forced online to check on progress of the repair via the repair tracker tool.
Quite a nice tool, to be fair. Shame no-one told me it even existed.

I'm greeted with a message saying that the handset was declared dead on 29th April.
Fair enough, but when were they thinking of telling me?
That's nearly 6 weeks ago with not so much as a cheep from a human being.

Poor show. Not malicious but just a bit lazy. Wood beez.

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