Wednesday, March 11, 2009

anarchy in the uk

I think it was Billy Bragg, the bard of Barking, who famously noted that: if everyone who claims to have seen the Sex Pistols perform in 1976 actually had seen them, they would have needed to have sold out Wembley Stadium for 7 nights on the trot rather than a dozen or so nights in Soho strip clubs, various art colleges, the screen on islington green and a couple of pubs in Dunstable and St Albans.

So follows the story of the 60 or so souls - who braved the wilds of a drab Southwark evening on Monday to huddle in the upstairs lounge of a Borough market bar - as they witnessed the first official live tweet reading 'the garden of tweetdom' by Marcus Brown.

As the story weaves itself into the fabric of social media [mess is] lore, our grandchildren will ask us to replay the mystical night in history as we happily relive; the first airing of the full unedited SMEBS documentary, the reading of the tweets of audience members including @will_humphrey and @johndodds. The megaphone (for twitter broadcasting irony effect), ipod singing and 'ein prosit' interludes.

Where were you on that day in history?

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