Wednesday, May 14, 2008

i am a muppet

Here's a tip for you.

Don't let your domain expire, as I have just done.
I received several reminder emails from my hosting service, the latest one last week warned me that it would expire within 25 days.
So today I find that its gone already! Thats well within the 25 days. They don't mess about.

I've paid up and the site will be back within 24 hours, however anyone who attemps to go there during these 24 hours is going to mark me down. Lesson learned.


Unknown said...

Can you not have it renew automatically? All of mine do so I don't need to worry.

Glad its back :)


Gavin Heaton said...

I have set most of mine to auto-renew ... except for those I dont use anymore. The only thing worse is when your registrar goes out of business and takes your domain along with it.

Eaon Pritchard said...

yep auto renew seems to be the way.
'registrar goes out of business'
hmmm something else to worry about now! i wonder what happens to your domain if that happens?