Monday, September 24, 2007

mind the gap

A wee while back we were playing the Beatles 'Love' mash-up (sort of) album in the office. Much debate ensuing over the merits of the remix experiment, who might have done it better etc etc. One of our designers (i'll not mention her name so as not to completely destroy her credibility) pipes up...

'Who is this we are listening to?'

Hard to belive that someone can get to her mid twenties and have never come across the Beatles but there you go. It happened.

So, where are the gaps in your culturals? Which phenomenons have completely passed you by, much to the amusement and/or derision from your workmates/friends?
I've started plugging one of my gaps this weekend.

The Sopranos.

Somehow, despite devouring Goodfellas, the Godfathers, Casino etc and every thing Scorcese so much as farted I completely missed the Sopranos.

So to HMV where the boxsets are on £25 special offer, season 1 purchased and this weekend spent glued to the box catching up. Basically looking to do a season every two weeks so by about November-ish I'll be there, and can then rejoin the rest of the human race.

What's this got to do with anything? nowt really, but just to note the fatblogging has taken a knock as we felt compelled to stuff ourselves with meatballs and spaghetti all weekend for some reason. I'm 6lbs heavier now than when I started the diet.


Julian said...

I did the same. Missed Sopranos completely, then watched 5 series back to back over a two month period or so last year after being snagged by a dvd rental firm. Pauly

Will said...

Still not seen the Sopranos - waiting until I can do what you've just done, and watch them all at once.

It's a poor effort about the Beatles though. I'm actually pretty amazed, to be honest (though I have been described as a 23 year old with the oldest musical taste in the world).

Eaon Pritchard said...

will, i could probably lend you them once i'm done if you like.
If your movie scope is up there with your music I'm sure you could switch me on to something.

Nick Cannons Studio said...

I've done Sopranos, Lost and many others but I haven't seen one episode of Heroes yet...I know BBC2 did a catch up after playing the first series which I missed and I even sky+ it only to find that my wife had deleted a few to fit in a couple of films while she was off sick. I deleted the rest thinking that if I couldn't watch it from the beginning then there was no point in watching at all. I wasn't born when the Beatles first came out but I managed to catch up with everything by my 8th birthday!

Eaon Pritchard said...

heroes is the bollocks.
series one is out on dvd now.
Season 2 has just started in the US so i'm sure if you poke around on torrent sites it will be there.
you can go from behind to ahead pretty quick!

Eaon Pritchard said...

yep things like Love Film are better than blockbuster as you can get tv series boxsets as well. I only found that out recently.