Wednesday, August 16, 2006

More Rock'n'Roll History

Here's 'Zed's Dead Baby' the original 'A' side of the Pricks EP in an earlier post
This one continued the Pulp fiction theme. There was a few tunes around shortly after this was released in 95 that used the 'path of the righteous man...' sample
but my ones used less obvious bits of dialogue. By the way Pricks pre-dated the Fun Lovin Criminals by about a year in case you were wondering.
This was the UK A-side but DJs were playing the Pricks track so it got flipped round for the Belgian and Italian releases.
I ripped this from the State of Play vol 1 cd which I had to buy off ebay. I had about 10 copies but ended up giving them all away, luckily someone had one for sale. £2.99 was a bit cheap I thought. I also got a copy of my first single for Hook, as Party on Plastic, for 50p - an disgrace , it should have been on there for £10 at least.
I'll post that one once I figure out how to record from vinyl into me computer.
Zeds Dead Baby here