Monday, November 22, 2010

mott the hoople syndrome

Older readers may remember the mighty Mott. Emerging in the late 60's with a power r'n'b style and later morphing into bovver glamsters under the mentorage of one David Bowie esquire, Mott faded somewhat around '73/'74 in an unfortunate tangle of cliche and gratuitous self-reference.

The aforementioned self-reference became synonymous with, and gave it's name to, a condition known as Mott The Hoople Syndrome.

The syndrome described the point when the subject of Mott's oeuvre became simply that of being in Mott The Hoople.

Singing about oneself to oneself.

Sadly this also equates to the bulk of what we see in the social media marketing space.
Brands using Facebook pages, You Tube et al to simply talk about themselves, and more tragically to themselves (or an imaginary 'audience' that in reality does not exist).

Like the Bette Midler character in Beaches (and referenced recently by the ever funny Tom Fishbourne) this is how brands talk:

'That's enough about me...let's talk about you.
What do YOU think about me?'

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