Tuesday, February 23, 2010

civic utility in WA

Here on the main streets of Perth the banners declare 'It's OK to be Alright'.

FREE busses ferrying city workers and tourists alike to and from any destination in the city centre is more than alright, rewarding positive behaviour rather than punishing failure to comply this helps to keep down congestion.

Something for Boris to think about back in London.

Along Perth's many beaches you will also find FREE barbeque stations. Gassed up and ready for anyone who wants to use them.

Instead of the costly effort of clearing up after disposable beach barbeques the local council simply provides the utility.
And the community maintains them.

I'm claiming civic utility as a catch all phrase for these type of initiatives. More to follow, no doubt.

By the way London. Did I mention it's 37 degrees out here today?

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