Thursday, February 11, 2010

brit pop

Gerald Laing is one of the legends, albeit somewhat unsung, of the British pop art movement of the 1960's and is still producing provocative works to this day, at the ripe old age of 74.

This morning I was fortunate enough to get a private gander at the print retrospective that just opened at the Morton Metropolis gallery, next door to G towers.

I was also taken through the back to a secret room where a few original paintings are hanging, including 'Belshazzar's Feast' (above), and 'Domestic Perspective' (the one with the hoover).

In a strange coincidence the shadowy figure pictured under Amy's armpit is in fact gallery co-owner Raye Cosbert.

Also on display is one of the last prints in circulation of the perhaps one of Laing's best known works 'Brigitte Bardot'. This one will set you back £12,000, but some of the other prints start at a more affordable £500.

The show runs till 24 February, at Morton Metropolis at the top end of Berners St, W1.

Thanks to Serena and Zara for the tour.

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