Wednesday, April 02, 2008

will blog for food...

To the Coach and Horses in Soho yesterday for a bloggers brunch co-hosted by Chinwag and the Dept of Trade and Investment.
Uk Trade and investment is a government organisation that helps British businesses to develop in overseas markets through various resources and services.

This year they are looking at helping the 'creative' industries ie arts, music, film and the digital media industry.
Full info can be found at

By way of an introduction a number of bloggers, podcaster and digital media types were invited for a meet and greet. Presumably the assembled members of the chattering (or twittering) classes were selected as being likely to blab their findings.

No man blogs for free though, and the dti did their chances of a favourable review no harm whatsoever by the inclusion on the buffet menu of...

Fish Finger Sandwiches. Genius.

Thinking of unlikely sandwich combos, I'm reminded of back in the day (in what seems like a previous life) when I was a club dj, after my regular Sunday night gig I would head over to the taxi queue via the all-night baker where a sandwich of a scotch pie between 2 rowies (google it) would be devoured in the cab home. Health city.

Any good sandwich stories out there? (this is drivel - Editor's voice)


Anonymous said...

Once upon a time, I remember considering crisp sandwiches to be about as good as it got.

Eaon Pritchard said...

@cherkoff - to be fair worcester sauce crisps in a roll is still a decent proposition.

Anonymous said...

I was pleasantly surprised by the delights of a fish finger sarnie, a culinary marvel, surely. You won't find that at Ramsay's nosiree.

Glad you liked the event, hope there was some useful UKTI-related info as well.

Eaon Pritchard said...

@sam, cheers - i'm actually following up with ukti next week, so useful connections made. thanks again.