Saturday, April 19, 2008

geek dinner social cookbook

I was looking at my google stats for this blog the other day and noticed that the most read article was none of the advertising/marketing/pop stuff but a recipe for beef braciole (the result of a desperate posting of some content or other during a barren spell).

Anyway, it got me thinking. Like novels, everyone has at least one recipe in them. A signature dish, lets call it. What I hope will happen with 'geek dinner'is that you, the reader of this and no doubt the author of your own blog, will send me the following:

1 - your recipe
2 - the story that goes with it
3 - a brief bio
4 - your linkage
5 - a pic of yourself in the kitchen

send all to geekdinnerblog at gmail dot com

Ive set up the blog over at

Once we have a decent amount of content (I'm thinking 100-150 recipies) I'd like to do an actual book using lulu or something, sell them and be able to donate the proceeds to a hunger related charity, maybe? I'm open to suggestions from you.

Thanks in advance.
Ive tagged a few candidates


Sam Ismail said...

This is a boom idea Eaon. I'll definitely whack something up.

In terms of bookage, I'd recommend you use CreateSpace as you can get them to list on Amazon direct and they don't charge extra for an ISBN like lulu do.

Will blog about this to spread the word.

Eaon Pritchard said...

cheers Sam,
I'll be roping you in for consultancy along the way anyway ;)