Thursday, November 15, 2012

no festival of facebook posts

In an episode of this new series on Radio 4, Mastertapes, Billy Bragg talks to John Wilson about the making of his mid 80s classic album 'Talking with the Taxman about Poetry.'

Towards the end Bill closes with a sagely comment that acutely sums up the limitations of social media that perhaps we overlook from time to time.

Social media never won any election, brought down any oppressive regime or moved any group of people to do this, that or the other.

Social media are tools, 'revolutions' happen among people.

‘Young people are engaging in politics through Facebook and Twitter, and that’s great , but the sad thing is that no-one, as far as I know, has written a tweet that can make you cry...there is no festival of Facebook posts where you go to Canada and stand in front of an audience that you have never met before and ‘wow’ them with your Facebook comments.’

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