Wednesday, September 01, 2010

never mind the proposition

Inspired by this presentation by @garethk, in which he notes that 'changing our behaviour changes how we think'.

In other words, whereas traditional advertising operates on a 'think then do' premise, in the post-advertising (mostly) digital space that notion is flipped.

It becomes 'DO then THINK'

In order to 'DO' we need to be inspired rather than targeted.

We'll be inspired by brands who align with things we care about in OUR world.

That's not the world of 'commercial proposition'.

I've also been obsessed with Dan Pink's book 'Drive' lately, in which he notes the 3 primary drivers or motivators of behaviour in the conceptual age.

- the desire to be in control of our own destiny
Mastery - a need to get better at whatever it is we do
Purpose - this is the biggie, the need to contribute to something bigger than ourselves.

So this graphic is a nod to Gareth and Dan, it makes a splash in presentations (for those over a certain age at least...)

For more on 'Purpose Ideas', and in particular it's context within the advertising/marketing space, I also recommend the Mark Earls Banana book.

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