Monday, December 15, 2008

Music 2.0 debunked brilliantly

My beef with the so-called music 2.0 evangelists has always been that they focus on business models and distribution rather than the actual CONTENT.

Yeah, Radiohead and NIN have uncovered some interesting TACTICS but what about the actual music? What are they saying about anything?

Same goes for the numerous Myspace careerist popsters.
Lots of nifty marketing but where's the cultural significance ie punk, acid house, hip hop.

Check out the second half this rant from lefsetz letter, which sums it up perfectly.

'We don’t have a theft problem. We’ve got a MUSIC problem.'

'Don’t tell me it’s the same as it always was. It was different in the sixties and seventies. Sure, we wanted to go to the gig to hang out, but we NEEDED to hear the music. We NEEDED to be closer to the geniuses who made it. We felt it was us versus them, the act and its audience versus the system. Whereas now the acts ARE PART OF THE SYSTEM!'

thanks to jmac and dan

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