Tuesday, November 04, 2008

marketing bullshit swear box

Going through a creds presentation yesterday - and inspired by a tweet from @samismail pulling me up on 'marketing speak' - I noticed myself editing and removing certain words.


Here's some of them that have been banished alonside their replacements;

Consumer (nuff said) - replaced with person/people
Driving (as in driving traffic, registration etc) - replaced with encouraging/attracting
Capture (data etc) - replaced with asking for/ rewarding
Audience (no-brainer there!) - replaced with community
Targeting - replaced with involving

I will be fining myself 1GBP of the realm for each usage of the above and donate the proceeds to a named charity at Christmas time. Hopefully it won't be much, so i would appreciate any additions you have to the list and if you care to join in with your own effort please do, and you can display the badge below in your own space.

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