Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Purple cow spotted at Denver International Airport

Following on from the horse sculpture story below I enjoyed my brief encounter with Denver Airport.

As well as the mad tent exterior, internally it's been designed with the user in mind. The gates are all in a straight line A,B and C zones connected by a train. It's vrtually impossible to get lost.

And a couple of soft innovations made the - lets face it, normally pretty stressful - experience of airports a bit more pleasant.

The public address system on the gate connecting train was crystal clear perfect sound
and every announcement is spoken by a local celebrity tv babe (can't remember her name but I was told) and introduced by little musical motifs. Boogie-woogie piano for the doors closing announce, twangy guitar for the next stop announce and so on.

Some bright spark has thought, what can we do to add an extra bit of polish to this experience to make it just that bit better? - it's that extra 1% that makes it talkaboutable. Customer service as the new branding or something.


Al Pritchard said...

No tree in the foreground? I reckon someone else took that photo.

Eaon Pritchard said...

wtf, I like trees.