Wednesday, March 05, 2008

8 things you might not know about me...

Following a trail from Thayer via Chris Hambly (who tagged me) by way of Dan Hon (who I don't know , but apparently started it), heres 8 random snippets about me.

The idea here is you reveal 8 random things about yourself then tag 8 other bods who reciprocate with there own revelations.
It's in the spirit of 'getting to know you' I suppose.

1. I'm a passionate supporter of Aberdeen FC. Once feared throughout Europe (80's) now feared throughout Aberdeenshire.

2. Before getting into this advertising mularkey I was in the music biz. I was a club DJ of some note in the late 80's early 90's in the Balearic Beats stylee before moving into techno/house. I co-founded a couple of labels (Hook/Bellboy) and released a number of 12" disco biscuits. My biggest hit was 'Pricks' in '94 which was a club smasheroonie across Europe and was licenced to labels in Germany, Belgium and Italy.

3. I'm a disciple of the works of Seth Godin. Psst don't tell anyone, but most of the stuff I spout about in meetings etc comes from him originally.

4. I've recently started practising the Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin. It's not religion, its more like a life philosophy and science hybrid. It works.

5. When I'm cooking I use every pan in the house.

6. I'm a phoney Italian-American. I wear vests and a cross on a chain, brown shoes with a dark suit - the full monty. When we go on holiday it's usually Italy. I was even thinking of sticking an o on the end of my name to sound more Italian. What you gonna do? Ive got the dark complexion anyway (though that's the Welsh in me)

7. At the weekends you'll never catch me as we spend most of the time out with our boots on up the hills or in the woods. Weekends are unplugged.

8. I'm obsessed with music - all kinds - though especially 60's/70's soul/funk, vintage reggae and ska (all the stuff SoulJazz re-issue) and everything from the punky times 76-79 plus everything Paul Weller has done. To be fair, I am a mod deep down.

There you go.

Now it's over to you...(some I know, some I'd like to know a bit better)

Neil Perkin

Harry Bishop
James Cherkoff
Will Humphrey
Chris Penn
Jamie C
John Dodds


Anonymous said...

ooh good call tagging Doddsy my man :)

Anonymous said...

Okay Eaon, tag I'm it!

I've avoided this little meme the last few months, guess it's caught up with me ... will have my post and tags up tomorrow.

Cheers from snowy (37 cm new snow yesterday) Ontario Canada.


Anonymous said...

Here you go Eaon ... is my post. Already had one of my tags finish theirs back!


Eaon Pritchard said...

@harry, nice one. I'm off over to have a butchers.