Friday, July 12, 2013

a piss-easy nudge

Another interesting behavioural campaign out of Brazil.

If you recall we've also liked the Immortal Fans organ-donation appeal and the Beer Tunstile in recent weeks.

This one is titled Xixi El├ętrico – or Electric Pee – and features electricity-generating urinals on a truck at the Rio Carnival.

According to creators JWT Brasil:

'Every year, at Carnival, Rio de Janeiro must deal with the same problem: Carnival enthusiasts end up using the streets as a bathroom, and the stench is impregnated through the city for days.
The situation is so serious that, since last year, authorities have detained people found peeing out of place.'

In an almost classic reward substitution nudge, patrons are required to 'use' the urinals in order to generate the leccy to keep the tunes going, rather than the previous default - and somewhat anti-social behaviour - which involved 'going' in doorways and suchlike, in the street.

As an added bonus the electricity is, of course, generated in an eco-friendly manner.

Police time is not wasted in booking bladder-challenged revellers.

And, a smashing promotion of the hosts, Brazilian grass roots music non-profit Afroreggae.

hat-tip Springwise

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