Thursday, May 16, 2013

out of reach and beyond dispute

While we are on the subject of the spectacular this keynote by Robert Scoble from the recent TNW Europe conference felt like sychronicity.

If ever there was an instance of the spectacle manifesting itself as an enormous positivity, out of reach and beyond dispute this is it.

Scoble, with his umpteen Android devices, ipad, lapel camera taking photos every ten seconds, Google Glass (natch) and....wait for it....techno waistcoat!, has morphed into some kind of singularity-caricature techno-celebrity cartoon, a spectacular representations of a living human being projected into life in 3D.

An image of self-commodification, alienation and of social life taken over by the accumulated products of the tech economy.


As I'm re-reading Debord this week this excerpt seems appropriate'For the spectacle, as the perfect image of the economic order, ends are nothing and development is all although the only thing into which the spectacle plans to develop is itself'.

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