Friday, March 22, 2013

i love the internet

It's always interesting what you find when you have a good rummage around the internet.

I came across this in an unrelated YouTube search.

The above is a tune I recorded with Barry Simpson which we released back in the early 90's as the Turnbull AC's.

The Turnbulls were the skinhead gang in the movie 'The Warriors', fact fans.

We nicked the name over ten years before the American grunge band of the same moniker.

It was the fourth release on our fledgeling Hook imprint.

Only about 500 copies were pressed. Even less sold.

The first 50 were the pre-release white label, the uploader of this to YouTube is one of the lucky owners.

I can tell it's original because it's my own handwriting on the label.

The deep bass was Barry's and the horn stabs that pepper throughout were sampled off a George Clinton thing.

File under post-balearic ambient disco.

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