Monday, February 21, 2011

the customers are revolting

That's right. They stink.

For some time there's been the question around what the value of a facebook 'like' is for a brand.
Some would argue the case for zero, it takes pretty much zero effort or commitment for a person to click 'like'.

Tell that to the revolting customer though.

The notion in VRM circles around 'everyone is making money off consumer data except the consumer' may be coming up to bite sooner than you think.

And it's not just a theory rattling round academic corridors.

Take this comment from a brand 'fan' page.

'Your Fan page really sucks! you giving nothing & no reason why l will or others will want to click the [BRAND X] like button, just like any relationship eg. man meets girl, he would offer her may be a invitation for a free meal at a restaurant, in Your case [BRAND X] you should offer something like for eg. a % discount on your [PRODUCT A] or [PRODUCT B] that you cant get else where other than clicking your like button it dont have to be a big discount it just needs to be something to give reason for me and others to want to build any type of relationship with you..'

Marry that to this tweet nugget:
"Facebook is rapidly becoming the new Second Life for brands, a wasteland of shattered hopes and dreams"

But who killed Bambi?
Who made these revolting customers?

With facebook promotions and giveaways, bribery and coertion.
marketing took the view that we could buy fans and buy loyalty.

But it was never sustainable, and now, inconveniently, the revolting customers are demanding it.

The question now is; what is a 'like' worth to THEM.

That's right. They stink.
And now so does Facebook, as any kind of viable marketing opportunity.


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