Tuesday, March 16, 2010

we'll be calling him old fireballs after tonight

Fair play to Russian teenager Andrey Ternovskiy who apparently invented tool de jour ChatRoulette after digging round the web looking for something that allowed random video chatting with strangers. When he couldn't find one he decided to make it himself.

He also has a nice stock of self-depreciating one-liners, as demonstrated in an interview in the NYTimes last week.

NYT: What do you think about all the press?
AT: Actually I haven’t read a single article. I don’t want to read them. I see a wall of text and I just look at the picture and click next...

NYT: So you have been meeting with investors?
AT: Well, for now, they are more interested in me, than I am in them.

Something tells me this kid is a teeny bit more switched on than he would have us believe, however.

People and tools, who knows where they will take it...
Like this piano man freestyling and improvising with whoever turns up.

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