Monday, May 18, 2009


I heard somewhere that here's only two questions about usability.
1. Did you get what you wanted?
2. If 'no' why not?

This weekend we went shopping down to Gunwharf Quay in Portsmouth.
This usually fills me with dread as any potential enjoyment is tempered by the two hours spent driving at 5mph round the multi story car park before we even get to the shops.

No more...

Some bright spark has made the car parking experience much more satisfying with the adittion of two simple usability measures.

fig. 1
On entering the facility a green or red light (X means full) at the side of each lane indicates how many (if any) spaces are available in said lane.
Thus heading off at the pass any pointless manouvering up and down lanes and the inevitable rage resulting from lurkers who fill up the lane waiting for spaces to become available.

fig. 2
Red (filled) or green (vacant) lights above each space indicate which spaces are free in the particular lane.
See a green light at the end? fill yer boots.

Simple bit of user friendly service positive.
Happy parkers = tills ringing in Baby gap et al.

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