Wednesday, April 15, 2009

'advertising not dead' shocker

It's a popular misconception that the bbc does not feature advertising. Of course it does, it's just that it only advertises it's own products.

This advertising is effective because contextual and relevant - and it's also permission based.
Albeit the level of permission is low. At best it's at the second rung of the permission ladder - 'brand trust' - but mostly it's at that first level of 'situational' permission.

For the same reason the ads in Vogue magazine or GQ (or even something like Fisherman's Monthly or whatever) are permission based.
The ads are integral to the content - and in the case of fashion mags they are part of the reason these mags are bought in the first place.

If i'm watching Waterloo Road, a good bbc drama, I'm more than happy to see the trailer for the new series of Ashes to Ashes, for instance.
In fact I am actually interested, which is good news for them.

Bad news, though, for the advertisers on commercial networks because they are no nearer solving the permission challenge than they were on day one.

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