Friday, May 04, 2007

This is England

Really looking forward to seeing Shane Meadows new movie This is England.
Got me remembering back to 1979-82-ish, splashing bleach on my Levi's over the sink and going for a No1 crop. I bumped into my mum on the way back from the barbers and she never recognised me. These were the days when fashion, music and that were a statement and had meaning. identity through subculture etc. Quite a contrast with today (I'm thinking about Kate Moss Top Shop again...) I also remember Saturday afternoon shopping for Ben Sherman shirts, trying to track down the ones with original Oxford cloth. Dexy's, Two-tone, Fred Perry everything. Traveling to Ipswich to see AFC in the UEFA cup - suedehead army....Happy days, i'm going goo-ey now.
After all that i hope the film is actually any good.