Friday, March 23, 2007

Spitalfields market

Nearly pee-ed myself with exitement at coming across 7inch God save the Queen ON a&m
just now in Spitalfields market, it's thursday - antiques day.
There are supposedly only around 100 of these in existence and go for around £5k.
I couldn't believe my luck when I saw this one for fifteen nicker!
Suspicions were aroused however when i noticed the pink vinyl...and another 10 copies in the same box...
Decent business idea though, press up your own batch of ultra rare records and sell them on for ten times the price of a regular 7inch. I cant remember manufacturing costs but i think a batch of a thousand would cost you a couple of hundred. not a bad return...
Spitalfield is Londons best market by far, changes everyday and not overrun by tourists like Camden, Borough nd Portobello.