Friday, August 04, 2006


When I was a young art student in the 80's Schnabel was up there. The leading figure in the heroic American post expressionist post modern whatever painting. Obviously the rebellious nature appealed to studes, he was our Jackson Pollock, and along with the likes of Salle, Clemente, Basquiat was a figure we all aspired to emulate. Here's an excerpt from some twat in the Guardian's review from last year sometime.

'.....Schnabel cannot stop himself, cannot silence himself, even though there is palpably nothing at all inside the storm of his "energy". The nervous mixture of media in this exhibition - paintings, photographs, surfboards - is almost an acknowledgement of desperation...'

This can mean only one thing. The critics are slamming him to drive the prices down and snap up all the work for knockdown. Next year will see a 'critical re-appraisal' and JS will be the toast of NY artworld again. Snap 'em up now I reckon.
By the way, about the 'plate' paintings - Schnabel was the chef at Max's Kansas City in NY in the late 70's - flipping burgers and breaking while the likes of the Ramones and Heartbreakers were inventing punk...